within these mirrors the world inverts;

[the fond admirer's burning darts]

Yazoo (OU)
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Character: Yazoo (OU)
Series/Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Spirit remnant given physical form
Sexuality: Bisexual

Family: Kadaj, Loz, and Mother
The first thing that one may notice about Yazoo—or not—is his quietness. Calm and soft-spoken, he prefers the solitude of his own thoughts to the crowded noise of others (unless they happen to be his brothers). But still waters run deep, and deep waters are often unpredictable. He is quite devoted to his brethren and "Mother," but he cares little for worldly affairs. People who insult him or his loved ones are subject to his sarcastic wit. Or more frequently, just swift death, as Yazoo doesn't like wasting his breath on those he considers to be beneath him. If he is bored however, he will play with his victims (this includes Kadaj and Loz) for a while just to watch them squirm on his verbal hook. He is unmerciful in everything he does, but he knows where to draw the line when it relates to Kadaj or Loz. Although he is somewhat arrogant, he will unquestionably follow Kadaj's orders unless they are something that might get everyone killed. Aside from that, he seems to place little value on his own life. He understands that at the least, he is merely a pawn in Kadaj's eyes, yet he is unbothered by that fact. As long as his brothers are happy, it doesn't matter what happens to him.
Slender but toned, Yazoo possesses a physique that is clearly the result of years of strenuous training. His hair, silver a touch darker than normal, falls well below his shoulders. But its length does little to soften his rather vulpine features, high cheekbones tapering to a narrow chin. His pale skin and the lightness of his locks makes him appear somewhat colorless. However, his eyes are a singularly vivid emerald with cat-like pupils. His attire consists of boots, black leather pants, gloves, and a trench coat of the same material. Unlike his brothers', his clothing shows no skin. Two straps crisscross over his chest, the left one leading to a holster that holds (or should hold) Velvet Nightmare.
Yazoo is an excellent marksman and also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, in which he tends to use kicks more than punches. In battles that he considers to be a waste of time ( i.e. against the Turks), he prefers to let his opponents wear themselves out before attacking. Thus, he is quite apt at dodging. However, not all of his strength lies in the physical sphere. Yazoo possesses a logical state of mind, even in the chaos of crisis. His persuasion ability is exceptional, mainly due to his charisma and intelligence. He uses a gunblade – better known as “Velvet Nightmare” – in battle.
Even though it is one of his greatest assets, his loyalty to his brothers and "Mother" may also be his worst weakness. Even if it has the risk of him ending up dead, he will defend their honor. He does know how to think for himself, but he is still somewhat of a doormat when it comes to being ordered around (by Kadaj anyways).His arrogance also gets the better of him sometimes, resulting in a bit of showing off, especially when he's fighting. It can also make people very irritated with him very quickly.
Yazoo, like his brothers, were not "born" in the traditional sense of the world. He was one of three pieces of the spiritual energy ("remnants") of Sephiroth that refused to dissolve into the Lifestream. One can argue that it is because of Sephiroth's strength of will to live that his spirit was able to return to the Planet Gaia, albeit in three different manifestations. Yazoo was one of them, representing Sephiroth's charisma and allure.

Not much is known about his exact date of "birth" nor what happened immediately after, but it has been confirmed by the Turks (the elite group of spies/assassins/henchmen for the Shin-Ra Company) that Yazoo was one of the three who attacked and subsequently captured two of their members who were on a mission to retrieve the head of Jenova, a malignant outerplanetary entity, from a place called the Northern Crater. They were tortured almost to the point of death before they were rescued by Vincent Valentine.

Yazoo and his brothers were soon seen in the cities of Edge and Wutai, gathering up children who were inflicted with Geostigma, a disease caused by the body's immune system overloading trying to fight against the foreign invasion of Jenova cells. Because the remnants were only parts of a spirit housed in physical bodies, they themselves did not possess those cells, which were necessary in order for them to find "Mother" (Jenova). Kadaj (or rather Sephiroth) manifested his will into a spring. The children drank of the water and came under his control. Because they had the ability to sense where "Mother" was, they were in essence used as bloodhounds by the brothers.

The children led them to Edge. Kadaj commanded Yazoo and Loz to tear down the monument in the center of the city on the suspicions that Jenova's head was hidden in there. But before they could to that, they were intercepted by the two remaining Turks, Reno and Rude. Kadaj, now knowing that Jenova's head was somewhere in Edge, used a materia to summon Bahamut SIN and unleashed it upon the city. The summon destroyed the monument but found nothing while Yazoo and Loz defeated the Turks.

After Cloud and Co. showed up and defeated Bahamut SIN, Rufus, the president of the Shin-Ra Company, revealed that he had Jenova's head all along and tossed it off the side of a building. Kadaj jumped off after it and managed to retrieve it before it was destroyed, but he and his brothers were soon forced to flee when Cloud chased after them. Yazoo and Loz fell behind to stop Cloud while Kadaj made his escape, but they were defeated. Cloud eventually caught up with Kadaj, but before he could defeat him, Kadaj absorbed what little was left of Jenova's head and Sephiroth was able to gain control of his body. A massive battle then ensued between Cloud and Sephiroth, ending with Sephiroth's defeat and subsequent vanquishing (for now). Kadaj was returned, soon after dying in Cloud's arms. He was returned to the Lifestream purged of Sephiroth's influence.

Yazoo and Loz, however, did not die in their earlier confrontation with Cloud. They managed to catch up to him at the site of Kadaj's death. Yazoo shot Cloud with Velvet Nightmare, saying that "we all go together." Cloud (somehow) survived and attacked Yazoo and Loz, who used all the materia they had absorbed into themselves to attack Cloud. This resulted in a massive explosion that killed Yazoo and Loz. Whether Cloud was able to survive it is unknown (to them, anyways).